Monday, August 1, 2011

First Death

We're starting off August on a somber note here, folks.

We've had our first death in the family.

The death... of Champion Spider. (??-July 31, 2011)

As you'll recall, Champion Spider lived, undisturbed, under our dish cabinet, and ate spiders and bugs that were like 5x his size. He was growing fat with cannibalistic evil, but he never left his web and thusly, never bothered me, so we stacked soda boxes in front of him and left him to his business. Which, meant sitting idly by while his grave yard of carcasses grew on the ground beneath him, and getting grossed out because I had no way of cleaning it without destroying his web. ew.

first documented appearance, April
after first VA trip, May
After second VA trip, June
close up of the June carnage. Champion Spider at the very top
And that was pretty much the status-quo for Champion Spider. His bodies collected, and he just sat in the middle of his web, waiting on my weekly check-up (I'd blow at his web to make sure he was still alive).

And then... Last night.



There were three obvious conclusions:

1. Champion Spider may have eaten some of the RAID we sprayed, and had evolved into a mutant, half-dollar size scary spider


2. Champion Spider was vanquished by this Ginormous Spider. It was a crazy, weekend long fight, wherein CS died, but MHDSS was left stuck in CS' web of despair. I image the battle to look something like this:

3. And finally, a spider that Big and Scary just can't chill in our home. We Addie had to kill it. At the very least, we had to honor our Fallen Comrade.

So we Addie sprayed the web and the MHDSS with both cans of RAID, and we watched it shrivel and die.

Poor Champion Spider.

But silver lining: I can now clean up the nastiness that is Spider Graveyard. And by I mean Addie.

Now all we need is a Centipede Eating Spider to replace him and we'll be all set.

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