Thursday, August 11, 2011

First duel employment!

Hooray, Addie got a job!

Hooray employment!

It looks like he'll be working evenings, and since I'm switching to mornings, we'll probably only have like 4 hours together at night. And that's alright. It's not like we aren't used to being away from each other. And it's not like we haven't been on opposite schedules since I started working.

                            ME                                            ADDIE
2 AM               bed time                                      work time
6 AM               sleeping                                       bed time                                     
9 AM:              get up!                                         sleeping
12 PM:            work time                                    sleeping
2:                     really hating work time               get up!
5:30:                getting home from work             "how was your day?"
6:00-10:           slacking off/blogging                   nap
10:                   hang out time!                             hang out time!

I can't hate on that, before I was employed it was wasy easier to work all night and sleep all day. So yeah.

S'all good, yo.

This has been an pretty sweet birthday week. Shelby got me a wine glass! It's like she knew I destroyed every single one I brought with me, and then destroyed every one I bought to replace the ones I had previously destroyed. Hooray for classin' up my life!

but not all the way ;)
Oh, and my cake this year, is going to be freakin awesome. I have a history of being given awesome birthday cakes (on my 18th birthday, Shayne and Mary made an island colony--complete with tree houses and plastic Little Homies figures--out of odd pieces of sheet cake and about 100 types of icing. If I had a scanner and my old photo albums I'd post the pictures.), but this year I'll be on my lonesome with Addie, so I'm really, really excited about making my cake. And I've helped Mary (the professional baker) prep and ice enough cakes that I think I'll do a good job. This year's goal: moist french vanilla cake with butter cream frosting, and Nutella between the two cake layers. SO AMBITIOUS, I know. 

And I'll be making the cake AND the frosting from scratch! Or, as Addie put it:
"By making it do you mean, taking the lid off the canister?"

Ehhhuck. Seriously, there's nothing worse than canned frosting. I'm not a fan of chocolate, either. (I'm not really a woman). But I love nutella. and I will fucking demolish a bowl of home made butter cream frosting. Mmm Mmm.

awww right

 Also, I've been getting really cute cards from my family (and by family I mean, my parents, Lucy, Brumbie, and all my mom's cats) like, every day since Saturday. And my amazon order has been coming in piece by piece. It's awesome. I love getting mail that's not bills. :D

Speaking of Amazon orders... I started one of my new books last night. And the main characters are near photo copies of the main characters I was writing. At first I was like, oh well, they're not totally similiar, and my story is different, so that's cool. But yeah, an hour of reading later and I may or may not have had a near hysterical breakdown crisis of confidence. Thank God for Addie and midnight toasted cheese sandwiches.

So today, I have come to terms with the fact that my book is a continuous project. It is going to grow and flesh out every time I work on it. It'll change shape with different people I meet and with different books I read. I have to just go with my instincts when I sit down to write. Outlines cannot corral it. "Hey Write Like THIS!" books cannot save it. It cannot feel pain. It cannot be reasoned with. There can be only one. And such.

I miss Lucy, like way much. I'm even missing the bad things about her: the sweaty dog smell, the slobber, the runny eyes, the slightly greasy fur, and there are even days when I miss tripping over her when she's a beached whale on the kitchen floor, oblivious to everything around her. I swear to god, walking into her when she's not paying attention is like hitting a cement wall at 90 MPH.

that's 900 lbs of Pure Basset Flavor

And since I don't want to ruin her reputation forever, here's an exceptionally cute picture of Wee Baby Lucy

I also really miss my friends. I'm blessing my phone for being able to let me have, at the very least, text conversations with them this week.

Hm... I felt like working out, but now I've had a couple glasses of wine and am in the mood for butter noodles and trash TV. Too bad our cable's on the fritz, so I can't watch the new Project Runway, and my DVD player died a day before Addie's replacement DVD player died, so I can't watch PR on DVD. sigh.



Cara said...

That butter cream frosting pic needs to go on the Tap That blog.

Mandy said...

Ooh! What vanilla cake are you making? I'm baking Matt a vanilla bean birthday cake at this very moment. Also, when is your actual birthday? Lots of questions, huh?

Audrey said...

I'm actually looking up cake recipes at this moment! Any guidance you have would be very welcome :D

My birthday's on Saturday. Also known as $4 Long Island Ice Tea day. Hooray!

Mandy said...

This is my favorite vanilla cake of all time. It's a little bit annoying because you have to use cake flour and a vanilla bean (I use vanilla bean paste), but the texture is amazing and the flavor is perfect. It's pretty much the only cake I make anymore, and people freak out about it.

Enjoy birthday festivities!

Audrey said...

That looks and sounds delicious! I'll have to make when I can afford the extra ingredients. (Hooray pre-pay day Poverty!)

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