Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First Round Against the Man

I fought the law, and the law... came to an open and understanding compromise with me: take a driving class and they'll scratch the ticket.

It's more expensive, but a one time payment is better than my insurance going up over $100 every month. So I'm really excited, because I was close to reckless speeding, and now it won't go on my record. And because the cop did something wrong on my citation, I only have to take a 4 hour class, not an 8 hour class. Victory! Compromise!  

the first thing that came up when I googled Victory
I have to slum it up at the local community college next week for my Sit in a Room for 4 Hours as Punishment for Breaking the Law class, otherwise known as THE DEFENSIVE DRIVERS COURSE; which, makes me think I'll be learning super Ninja driving skills, like high speed doughnut turns and air jumps. Alas, like all college courses, it has a totally mis-leading name. I really hope these people are also signed up:

oh, if only.
{so I'm eavesdropping on Addie talking to his friend about his job, and I hear "Yeah, it's awesome, I get to wear an apron!" haha, awww.} 

I had to go the ol' CC to sign up for the class, and when I saw people with horribly bitter, depressed looks on their faces carrying loads of books to their cars parked 5 miles away, it only increased my longing for school. Then when I got home, my information packet from the University of Baltimore came in, and I discovered that their program doesn't require GRE scores. And it's a ranked program! Score, another school that won't accept me! It makes me wish I didn't dick around my first two years at Mason. Oh well, but that's an entirely different blog all together.

Anywho, Addie's making pork chops and rice and I've gotta go make fun of him for getting all weepy from the raw onions. Even if I will be making fun of him from the next room, because I'm ridiculously intolerant of raw onion fumes.


Cara said...

What exactly constitutes "close to reckless speeding"?

Audrey said...

58 in a 45. I had slowed down from 62, tho. I was one of 5 cars speeding, but since I was the last one (and slowest) i couldnt use the "keeping up w traffic defense."

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