Monday, August 15, 2011

First Paycheck

Oh sweet Jeebus.

I love it when you literally use your last dimes on $5 of gas just to make it to work, but when you leave the office for the day, you have a sweet month's worth of pay in your hands. I'm all:

But then I remember I have to come home and pay a plethora of bills, and I'm all:

Also, my boss told me today that my glasses are "ugly" and that I'll "never find a husband if I'm wearin' those." And then he laughed like he was the funniest person in the world.

I mean. Really. Who wouldn't want to get with this:


It's like on The Office when Michael called Pam an ugly scientist. Except less charming. You know, because it was happening to me. Ha. In fact, when thinking of my boss, it's helpful to imagine Michael Scott. Now imagine him in his 60's, with military training. And instead of wanting everyone to be his friend, he wants everyone to be his bitch. And that's my boss.

But then he does things like gives me $20 for movie tickets and always buys lunch and lets me basically work whenever I want and doesn't fuss at me otherwise. So yeah. I don't know. It's awkward.

also, this came up when I googled "Let's Go Crazy Broadway Style"

Also awkward.
hooray, Monday!


Jennifer said...

Omg boss to a t. And it is awkward. Try being me. Love J

George Panagakos said...

Audrey, you and your glasses are beautiful. Separately, I mean. Together? Not so much. Just kidding! hahaha, I'm so funny XD *cries, falls off cliff* ... but nah, dat boss! You ever watch Horrible Bosses? It's pretty awesome if you haven't. 100% recommend.

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