Friday, August 5, 2011

First Thursday!

..we did absolutely nothing.


Come to think of it, we've never celebrated First Thursday. Hmm. But we did celebrate First Wednesday with $.35 wings (16 wings for $6. Not bad, also, second most wings I've eaten in a single sitting. The most was 22 last year when Addie and I did our Wing Eating Challenge. Which was unfortunate because we chose Pizza Hut Wing Street boneless wings, which are basically tiny chicken chunks deep fried in a pound of flour. I felt like I was going to vomit for the next 3 days due to all the sodium and breading I consumed. But I only lost by 3. So hey. Also I didn't start eating non-boneless wings until I moved here. So I have a lot wing eating technique to learn. Wow, longest parenthetical break ever.) and $2 beers. A good night was had by all.

Annnnnnd, I did survive work without my supervisor today; and priced the bag that I'm going to buy myself for my Birthday (9 days!); and put in my wubulous, estrogen charged order (thanks for the giftcard, mom! best gift EVER); and wrote; and made delicious pasta; and talked shop with Odie, my favorite paranoid Aussie transplant; and finally, finished phase 2 of Super Secret Knitting Project:

my favorite moment in knitting: when it's basically done
while spending the evening with this sassy guy and his sassy friends:

make it work!
Project Runway. I've been obsessed with it since the day my nephew was born in 2006. My sister in law was recovering from her section, I was recovering from a hangover (I was 21, even then I was an excellent decision maker), and we watched a marathon of season 1 in-between checking on baby Grey in NICU.

I maintained hope when they left Bravo for Lifetime (Ugh, that's a -10 on the Excellent Life Decision chart), waded out the shitty seasons, and have pulled many friends into my Project Runway circle of doom. In fact, one of the things that made me like Addie when we first started dating was that he was a fan of Project Runway. D'aww. And I love fashion, I love New York, I love snippy artistes, I love overtly gay dudes, I love the New School, and I love Tim Gunn... even if he's not so involved this season (what gives?). I <3 PR.

So anyway, the newest season started last week, and tonight was a bit of a nail biter, as my favorite designer was almost eliminated! OH NO! But it's ok, the super lame guy went home instead. Take that, guy whose name I can't remember.

And one of the designers was wearing a dress that I own! She's like, 100 lbs heavier than me and has short platinum hair, but there it was! She wore it in a cut-a-way interview with a yellow shrug.

The weird thing about it is, I don't even know who made this dress. I bought it at an antique store in Manassas, Va. So bizarre. Addie's theory:

"Maybe she sold it after they filmed, and it ended up in Manassas."
"I bought it in 2009."
"Maybe they filmed this season in 2008."

Addison Holmes, ladies and gentlemen.

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