Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Desserts and Defensive Driving

There's been a renewed interest in Desserts here at Year of Firsts.

Yes, this is in direct correlation with the "Eat Better and Exercise" Routine I've been forcing on myself. And by forcing, I mean, writing it on my schedule and getting really irritated with myself when I'm on my second cheese sandwich at midnight and realized I haven't done it. Healthy lifestyle champion.

But Monday night I was doing some Wii Yoga, and Addie joined in, trying to beat my scores. I guess, even though I bought the Wii Fit from him a few years ago, that he'd never tried all the different exercises on it. And now he's hooked on them. So now my competitive side is sent into overdrive when I see him using it, which makes me exercise, which is a good thing. So yay! But then, I jogged for 20 minutes tonight and my legs are already screaming at me, and my butt, stomach and sides hurt from my lack of tone jiggling everywhere. so sexy.

Anywho, back to delicious desserts.

Yesterday I tried Deep Fried Oreo's for the first time. It quickly launched itself to the top of my list of Favorite Things Ever.

Holy Bahjesus.
An oreo, dipped in funnel cake batter, and then deep fried. The oreo gets soft, the batter gets slightly crispy, it's hot and powder sugary and not gooey at all. It's goddamn perfection.

I'm so glad I have no idea how to deep fry things, because these would be a regular side dish with every meal. So serious on that one. I will eat them until I am sweating Oreo chocolate. Until I go blind from Diabetic coma. Until my skin takes on the golden delicate texture of the funnel cake shell. Basically until I look like this:

Mmm Hmm

And it's also good to note that I had the Best Baklahva of My Life today. My supervisor took me to a nifty little Greek restaurant (the only one in town, as far as I know) and I tried the falafel sandwich (so good. and falafel always reminds me of my time in Paris. also, so good.) and I grabbed a perfect piece of baklava--not too sticky or flaky, with tasty fresh pistachios. And it was bite sized, which was cool. 

In fact, they had a whole case full of tasty looking cookies and treats. All of which I will try. I am determined.

deserts on left, unknown--non falafel--sandwich on right

Further good notage would be to point out the kick ass mural in the restaurant.

So far, talking Addie into an orange and black camel mural in our bedroom has been unsuccessful. Will continue to pursue. I am determined.

Oh, and I had my Badly Named Defensive Driver class today...

ughhhhhhh kill me, billy. It was like I was 16 and sitting in driver's ed again.

"Follow the 3 second rule... or you will KILL YOURSELF AND EVERYONE ELSE ON THE ROAD..."

"Driving while impaired or distracted will cause you to KILL YOURSELF AND EVERYONE ELSE ON THE ROAD..."

"Always wear your seat belt or you will KILL YOURSELF AND EVERYONE ELSE ON THE ROAD..."

"Always follow the speed limit. It's illegal to speed. And speeding will cause you to KILL YOURSELF AND EVERYONE ELSE ON THE ROAD..."

At least it was only 3.5 hours (we got let out early for good behavior), and the teacher looked like Richard Gere with a southern accent. So that was... neat.

sup, teach?
And why is it that Driver's Safety or Driver's Ed teachers always personally know someone who was horrifically mangled or killed in a terrible, unfortunate car accident? I have officially made a mental note to myself not to befriend any Driver's Safety or Driver's Ed teachers.

Even if they look like this:

young Richard Gere=I'd Totally Hit That


Mandy said...

Could you add nougat to that oreo?

Audrey said...

You can add anything to that oreo. Even your hopes and dreams.

Jennifer said...

The hookah is absent. Baklava was amazing! And Richard Gere is hot!

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