Wednesday, July 25, 2012

bearded, mustachio'd dudes

All you have to do is look at my last three relationships to know I have a thing for bearded, mustachio'd dudes.

That's not to say I don't enjoy a shorn dude. But usually, if a guy has a great beard or an interesting mustache, I'm automatically intrigued. This is to the dismay of my women friends, who all think beards are scruffy and mustaches are pedophilic, and my mom, who spent many a year trying to convince me that beards and mustaches were trashy. I contribute it to a late-blooming Lumberjack Desire--a dude who can really swing an ax (knowwhatI'msayin), or a subliminal message that conveyed bearded dudes as strong providers and protectors. Regardless, it's a visual aid for a Dude's badassity, suaveness and virility--and it's something that I'm just particularly drawn to.  

A few weeks ago, though, I was googling pictures of Jim Morrison for a project, and realized my love for Bearded and Mustachio'd Dudes goes much deeper than some superficial festish. Turns out, when I was younger, my favorite things were linked to Bearded or Mustachio'd Dudes.

Jim Morrison
Rhett Butler

Bill Watterson

Kurt Vonnegut

Shel Silverstein
Jesus Christ Superstar
Stanley Kubrick
Berke Breathed, comic artist
John Waters
David the Gnome

Teddy Roosevelt
Obi Wan Kenobi
Ernest Hemingway

Pre-millenium Steven Speilberg
Doc Holliday
the fiendish Captain Hook
Salvador Dali
Jack Torrence

I think now, as an adult, I associate Beards and Mustaches with greatness, and maybe that's why I gravitate towards the men of face fur.

And, well, maybe it also has to do with heroin-chick hotness.


Let's hear it for the beard!


Jennifer Wyatt-Murphey said...

*love* beards and mustaches and you're right it's bread into us!

Elizabeth Loevner said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robert said...

I feel like a child whenever I have to shave -.- It's not very comfortable... I like to maintain at least a fair amount of stubble.

Audrey Turner said...

You look good with stubble!

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