Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First Post for My Dad

Dear Dad,

Today I:

-woke up when my alarm went off
-showered, dressed professionally, ate a healthy breakfast, brushed my teeth, and made it to work on time
-worked fruitfully and productively for 6 hours, and only engaging in a minimal amount of on-the-clock-facebookery
-was responsible and cut my shaggy, hippie mane into something chic and manageable.

(forgive the Turner Under Eye Bags and cheese-eating grin, Dad, but here, I look just like you in a wig and a dress)
After work, I came home to:

-do (and finish) my laundry
-pay all my bills (on time)

-do my Wii Yoga; proved that I finally memorized the Sun Salutation (it's like double posting, or writing in active voice--something simple that took me forever to learn, but once I get it, I get it forever)
-read a few chapters in one of my many birthday books
-sketch a design of a wedding dress I came up with in a dream
-draw this picture of you, riding a rocket propelled, racing stripe graffitied sheep while wearing a top hat, monocle, and "Law Enforcement Cheetah" short shorts

if audio were attached, it'd be Kiss' "Wanna Rock n Roll All Night." NO STAIR WAY?! DENIED!
-eat a special dinner that made me happy and left me satisfied; even if that dinner was birthday cake. ("Eggs. Eggs are in chocolate cake! And milk! And wheat! That's Nutrition!")
-write a letter to my local news paper on Area Man's Monthly Seige Against His Own Lawn

And finally, enjoy a libation or two, because I've taken care of everything that needs taken care of, and because it's relaxin' time, and that's the best time to un-wind.

See, nothing to worry about :-) I hope that when you apply to PhD programs, you print out the above picture and paste it to the cover of your CV. It'll get you in like Flynn.

Muchos gracias de nada amore,



Cara said...

You're dad is awesome. He should totes sport the monocle/top hat/short shorts ensemble regularly.

Anonymous said...

yo momma says...I printed this out for him. You KNOW he is going to get all verklempt and then blame it on his eye surgery. He is going to be blown away.

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