Friday, March 29, 2013

My life, told in Simpsons screen shots (pt. 1 of a million)

I've always said that I can relate every single moment in my life to an episode of The Simpsons (note, I'm mostly a fan of seasons 1-8. They were touch and go for a long time, but now they seem to be bouncing back, which is awesome), and today I fell into a tumblr hole wherein I realized how true that statement really is.

Here's an audge-podge of life moments, as illustrated by The Simpsons.

How I feel when I'm cooking:

When I post a blog without proofing it first and find mad typo's 3 days later:

When my friends point them out before I notice:

When I run into people while I'm at the store, unshowered and wearing sweat pants and crocs:

The exact moment I see my paycheck in my bank account:

The exact moment I realize 90% of my paycheck is going to bills:

When I'm drinking old fashioned's:

How I really feel about DIY projects:

How I feel when I kill that scary looking bug that came out of nowhere instead of running away screaming:

At the end of The Wire, season 4:

How I felt in high school:

Me after one too many old fashioned's:

When everything is coming up Audrey:

My brain when my supervisors talk about proposals:

Being of Scandinavian descent and going into a chlorenated pool:


How I don't know how to interact with babies and small children:

Me in any math class:

Hanging out with Scott:

On my prediliction for $8 whiskey:


My impulsive shopping:

My mad MS Paint Skillz:

My future:

My subconscious:

Depression + PMS:


The past few years:
Oh man. This could go on forever.
God bless you, Simpsons.



Kim said...

Love it!!!!

Katherine Goff said...

I think my favorite is "Sundays"

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