Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Grateful Post

Yesterday evening, I took Dog for a walk.

It was cloudy, grey, a little windy, and about 58*. Perfect hoodie weather. As Dog pranced (homeboy doesn't run or trot, he prances like a gazelle), I thought, I'm glad I have a moral obligation that makes me go outside on days like this. 

Then I started thinking of other things I'm grateful for:

-that I have a fantastic family and group of friends, who put up with me and my terrible habit of taking 6 months to return a phone call, and then listen to me ramble incoherently when I do call

-that I'm friends with my friend's parents, and my friends love my parents, too

-that I drove a ghetto, run down, "can't be driven for longer than 30 minutes or it blows up" car in high school

-that pain killers don't make me vomit

-that I have a mom who loves Ikea and thrift stores in the exact same way I do

-that I think red wine, cheese, and hot crusty bread are fucking delicious (my thighs and belly would disagree)

-that I had a few lost semesters in college

-that I amassed an enviable collection of Jnco's and Doc Marten's as a teenager

-that I increased my vocabulary and sense of sarcasm by reading Calvin and Hobbes incessantly as a kid

speaking of comics...

Does this scene look familiar?

The answer is yes.

yay Calvin and Hobbes!

I found a few other gems while google-searching for the above random comic. For instance, this strip might as well be called Addie and Dog Whenever Addie Leaves the House:

it's true.
oh, and check out these heart hardening strips:

obviously not real, but still. damn.

and this:

Ugh, much sad :(

but then there are funny ones!

especially true to my heart 

Annnnnd there. I'm back to being grateful. :D


Theresa E said...

love Love LOVE C&H. I always got a kick out of the fan art that depicts them as older friends (

A wonderful list!

Audrey said...

Those are fun too, as long as it's not Rule 34'd. :)

Anonymous said...

YO Momma says - OMG. Hobbes in the trash?? Excuse me, I'm off to cry in my coffee....

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