Sunday, August 14, 2011

First Aging Weekend

So this weekend kicked some serious hind-parts.

Friday, my boss gave me $20 to go see Rise of the Planet of the Apes, which was as good as I'd hoped it'd be. Then we came home and it was present time! Addie bought me all sorts of tasty birthday treats: A&W rootbeer for rootbeer floats, Ben & Jerry's strawberry cheesecake ice cream, Krispy Kreme junior Cruellers, beer, wine and a chicken devan dinner!

seriously, best meal ever.
And then he gave me my awesome present: movies!

2/3 of my iPod is filled with movies and TV shows. I'd rather listen to them on the road than listen to music, that's just the way I roll. Probably comes from being raised on audio books and tape recordings of movies while we were on 14 hour car rides to visit family. ANYWHO. Addie took some of my favorite movies and played them on mute, with the subtitles on. Then he recorded himself reading the subtitles and closed captions in funny voices with great Addie side commentary. This way I can have more movies on my iPod! And because they're movies that Addie basically hates, all the voices have this awesome sarcastic bend, which makes them hysterical. I love them.

Then we had our Bourbon and Games Buffet, which lasted til way early in the morning and caused me to wake up on my birthday morning with an un-fantastic hangover.

Part 1
I can't believe I used to drink Wild Turkey 101 like it was water. ugh.

But good times were had by all :)

So I slept til 3 in the afternoon, went to Best Buy where I bought a new DVD player, which was an exciting experience in this day and age.

So I ventured to the dark dusty corner where the DVD players are stored, picked out the best one, got  two more seasons of the Simpsons (THEY WERE ON SALE!) and the new Robot Chicken Star Wars, and left a very happy camper. But the best part of all, I took my 5 year old LG phone, and they were able to transfer the old pictures off of it! I now have all my baby Lucy pictures! :D

Our first picture!
By then, the hangover curse was causing me all kinds of nastiness so we went home. But not before stopping at Hardee's for a spicy chicken sandwich! Seriously, a Hardee's spicy chicken sandwich is a $1.50 and it's the best damn sandwich is the entire world. For real.

So I took some pain meds, Addie set up the new DVD player, and I got started on my fancy new cake. But I wasn't up for making Mandy's Awesome Cake (hooray hangover laziness!), so I settled on a food network recipe. Dude, making cakes and icing from scratch is so much fun! I love baking. It's totally cool.

Solution: Stuff with Krispy Kreme Crueller!


butter cream frosting: shit yeah.

take that, cake boss!

 The cake was a total success. And the odd part is, is that it tastes like doughnuts and pancakes. Which means it's 1000% more rich and sweet than regular cakes. It's basically Danger Cake. Mmm, Danger Cake.

So then we went to the Black Rose Pub and carefully used every last dollar bill we had to engage in surly wait staff, fine eating and $4 long islands. Mike's on Main St was also having their Saturday Night Sock Hop, so we got our drink on while watching old people do the twist to Elvis music. It was a really tasty fun evening filled with laughs and good conversation. Then we came home and watched Your Highness. And it was 150% less funny and awesome as I thought it would be. But still, it was a high quality evening, indeed.

And I was completely spoiled with presents and cards. It was really a mind blowing Best Birthday Week Ever.


And now, it is time to watch the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo movies, and eat the rest of the chicken devan. MmmMmm.

Hope everyone's weekend was as awesome as mine! :D


Cara said...

Dude. That's awesome. I'm glad it was a good birthday. And Addie-voiced movies? That is the coolest present ever. Srsly.

Audrey said...

Yeah, his take on He's Just Not That In To You is wonderful. :)

George Panagakos said...

*Blink* a blu-ray player plays DVDs. I'm with LOLboy ;P. Hahaha but yeah a DVD player would be cheapest.

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