Wednesday, August 10, 2011

First [New] Blogs!

So, new developments!

I started two new blogs today. Well, created one with as of yet no posts, and co-started the other.


Boring Blogs About Movies. This will be a page where I hodge podge and blither blather about movies, because movies are my favorite thing to hodge podge and blither blather about. You'll probably want to avoid this one like the (Most Boring) Plague (ever).


I'd Totally Hit That. Cara and I started this page as a way to post truly tappable talent without clogging up the Facebook News Feed (except for when we post blog updates. Ha). It'll be a daily update on the most exceptional do-able dat's. You know, for those who have a a life are too busy to research or remember sweet man cakes like Robert Downey, Jr.

/updates blog

Additionally, happy 50th post here at A Year of Firsts! Woo, modicum of celebration! /eats spoonful of white chocolate peanut butter


Furthermore, I started yet another re-read of House of Leaves. And I found a quote that's ridiculously relevant to mostly everyone I know right now:

"Largeness has always been a condition of the weird and unsafe; it is overwhelming, too much or too big. Thus, that which is uncanny or unheimlich is neither homey nor protective, nor comforting nor familiar."

and my personal favorite:

"Doorways offer passage but windows offer vision. Here at least is a chance to behold something beyond the interminable pattern of wall, room and door; a chance to reach a place of perspective and perhaps make some sense of the whole."

Daaaamn, I love this book. Addie makes fun of me because I read it with a pen in one hand and sticky tabs in the other so I can make notes. It's just one of those books wherein I figure it out a little more with each read. Remind me to rant about that later when I'm not falling asleep at the keyboard.

Did I mention I was reading it while Toddlers and Tiaras was playing in the background?



Mandy said...

Happy 50th post! A few notes:

1. White chocolate peanut butter? Why did I not know about this?

2. Please put Kyle Chandler on your hitting that blog.

3. And David Letterman.

4. I haven't watched Toddlers & Tiaras since some awful child pageant documentary on HBO. Am I missing something?

Audrey said...

In regards to Toddlers and Tiaras, you're not missing out on anything. In fact, you're actually *gaining* more in fun filled, life enriching, soul crafting activities and experiences.

Buuut, since you've never tried white chocolate peanut butter, the above statement is now nullified.

Graham said...

con gratu la tions

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