Saturday, August 20, 2011

First Solo Saturday

Addie's been at work all day, which means I've had a morning of uninterrupted writing time. It's been glorrrrrrious.

pots of coffee made before I realized I wasn't putting enough beans into the grinder: 2

cups of good coffee consumed: 3

number of times I've had to re-load the latest episode of Teen Mom because is the shittiest website ever: 42

number of times I've screamed obscenities at the computer because Teen Mom slowed down or became interrupted: 60

pieces of birthday cake eaten: 3

times I rearranged the desk: 2

day dreams of giving up writing and becoming a stay at home girlfriend or hotel maid or bowling alley clerk or Tim Gunn: 16

number of cartoons drawn instead of writing: 4

words written: 2,106, plus 2 pages of hand written notes

woo, Saturday!


Mandy said...

Um, do you want Amber and Gary on Teen Mom to be your new best friends, or what?

Audrey said...

Yep. I want to invite them over for live action arguments and ghastly fake nail contests.

Mandy said...

And maybe she could help you with your writing. I think she's *this close* to passing the GED test.

Audrey said...

Well, It's really difficult to study when you have an oxycotton addiction and a child who you no longer have custody over. Let's have some sensitivity here.

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