What's All This?

Hey what's up!

I'm Audrey, a twenty-something writer and documentarian of totally important things like Teen Mom, my cat sitting in things, my lovely Australian boyfriend, costume jewelry, recipes that I mess up, Star Wars, whiskey cocktails, dinosaurs, my large dog, credit card debt, half-hearted attempts at bettering myself, and MS Paint drawings. 

Currently, I am blogcasting out of Northern Virginia, about an hour outside of Washington DC, an area that's equal parts Government Yuppie and Backwoods Southerner. 

Audge Podge & Blither Blather started out in 2011 as A Year of Firsts, covering my move to North Carolina, and my first time living with my then boyfriend while we took a year off to pursue writing careers. While the relationship didn't work out, I did write half a manuscript. I sulked back home to Virginia regroup, and as I entered a new phase in my life, so did my blog focus.  

This is now a place to read my about the trivial debacles and First World Problems I get myself into as an awkward office drone, a newbie in the kitchen, a closeted hipster, and the world's greatest amateur photographer*. I.e., this is like every other "lifestyle" blog you will read. Mine just has a lot more pictures of Joseph Gordon Levitt. 

So, check back in from time to time for amusing anecdotes, assorted Fiction pieces, adorable pet pictures, and various other fun and sexy things (see: above).

Thanks for reading! 

*this is totally** true

**I also say 'totally' way too much. 

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