Sunday, August 7, 2011

First Overhaul


Wake up at 12:45. Nap at 3.

Wake up at 4:30. Nap at 5:15.

Wake up at 7:45. Make coffee.

Sit down to write.

Realize, "I hate this story. That's why I don't want to write it." Mope.

8:30: Begin re-arrange office area.

2:10  AM: Begin re-structuring.

So I'm kind starting from scratch. Sounds extreme, but so worth it. I woke up this morning with epiphany's just exploding off of me like body parts in a car bomb (we just watched Kill the Irishman). And I wrote for hours today! I haven't done that in months, and I'm feeling pretty thrilled with myself. And, I'm not gonna lie, I'm feeling pretty thrilled with how my re-vamped story is shaping up. Addie's also re-working his book, so we're both riding this wave of "OMG OMG GOOD IDEAS CAN YOU STOP WRITING SO WE CAN WORKSHOP THIS" feeling. Good news, people! All good news. :D

Also, Friday night's game night was an utter success. I schooled Addie in Mexican Train (the domino game, not the Sexual Gang Initiation Game), beating him 6 times out of 9. Shit yeah.

^^ that's my badass train :D

But he got his revenge by beating me in Bananagrams and 10,000. Lots of laughs, lots of beer, lots of half-baked Chili Cheese Tots (I suck at cooking), lots of shitty movies. But Holy God. If you haven't seen Road House, do it. It's worth the ridiculousness. Plus, you know. Patrick Swayze.

Fly away, sweet angel.
Oh, and I gained a new favorite, $3 dollar 20 oz. beer:

Hooray, Dutch beer!
Oh oh, and the office Overhaul:


good, but boxed in and not very efficient.

Holy Open Spaces, Batman!
Yay, consolidation! Writing stuff on left, Crafting stuff on right
"Dont Worry, Keep Going" board, in its 100th inception (I make a different one wherever I move)
I also figured out how to display my old French poster in a way that Addie doesn't realize it as being "put up"

It's been "up" for 24 hours now and he hasn't said anything. We'll see how long it lasts.

I've also made some... startling discoveries as to my brother Josh's alter ego's.

Josh as NPH

Yeah. I seriously can't tell which one I'm more excited about. I hope, now that I know his secret, we can suit up and go riding on unicorns while sippin on gin and juice (laid back) and such. Excitement!

Alright, laundry, dishes, more writing and loafing about call to me. And I must heed.


Cara said...

"I got my mind on my money and chakras and sustainable gardens on my mind."

Audrey said...

Bahahahahha, yes. :D

Anonymous said...

Yo Momma says...You need to watch Next of Kin w Patrick Swayze next. It is about the hillbillies Vs the Mafia. Pretty good.

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