Monday, August 29, 2011

First Fall Sightings

It's the last Sunday in August, and I just wore a sweater on my walk with Addie and Dog. Sweater weather, coupled with the first turning leaves of the season, has made me feel about 850% better about everything. 

So huzzah to the beginning of fall! And thanks to Hurricane Irene, we had the most beautiful weekend. Sunny, breezy, 60*, all in all the perfect weekend for me to stay huddled in our underground cellar pretending it was raining so I'd have an excuse to get real work done.

And it kinda sorta worked! I was productive on my book, started a new story, thought really hard about how to end another story, and vaguely thought about re-tooling my statement of purpose. I also knit 2 feet into my scarf, hand washed my delicates and put together my Trader Joe's Tissue Box Holder. Oh and made pollo asada taco's.


Basically, t'was a weekend of awesome. Documented here in pictures:


I wandered through the Goodwill next door to our house and found these BRAND NEW HOUSE BOOTS! They were hard soled, shearling lined and still had the store tag on them! Bonus!

And when I got home, I tried the right one on and noticed my foot was crammed in. "Huh, that's the smallest size 9 ever," I thought to myself. Then I tried the left one on and noticed it was, in fact, also a right foot boot. Perplexed, I turned them over:

Yes, one is a 6.5, and the other is a 9. Both Left Feet. Being someone who only admits to having two left feet when I'm sober on the dance floor, I returned them. Yes, it felt sleazy to return shoes to Goodwill. But not as sleazy as it felt to actually buy shoes from Goodwill.

Then, there was wine and Oz and games of Rook and quality time with Dog:
don't let that face fool you, he's thrilled to hang out with me


I was terrorized by a spider cricket who stayed in ONE spot on the ceiling for the entire day. I spent 7 hours in readied alert status, waiting for it to attack me. (seriously, spider crickets are my kryptonite. I come un-glued. Thankfully Addie came home and killed it for me. thereby setting the women's movement back 5 years.)


So after the spider cricket sighting, I soothed myself with the last piece of Awesome Audrey Cobbler and the World's Best Kona Coffee latte.

so damn good.

The rest of the day was devoted to loafing, writing, loafing, and eventually working out too hard on the wii.

Saturday's are exhausting.

I woke up earlier than planned, and had excellent Life Conversations with my high school hetero life-mate:

dat wit n sparkle. be jealous.

And after a highly productive Afternoon of Domestic, Professional and Trashy TV accomplishments, I accepted the fact that it would never rain, so took I took Bart out so we could revel in the wonder that is Nature and the beauty of a fading Summer:

Bart's Splendor in the grass

Shelby has the prettiest trees on her property.

First Fall leaves! So excited!

Well, actually... I took in the glory of Nature and the beauty that is a Fading summer. Bart mostly concentrated on the glory of his wiener and the beauty of a persistent crotch itch:


And then there was BART FORT! where I cover Bart in pillows and blankets til he gets so frustrated that he barks and gets all worked up. But most of the time he just gives up and falls asleep under the pile, which isn't nearly as fun, and therefore beating me at my own game. He's wiley.

Oh Bart.

Dude. It's going to be fall soon.

And I feel like it's going to be a good one.

Shit yeah.

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