Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mr. & Mrs. Hartbarger

So, my sister got married on Saturday!

To say it was a beautiful day would be an understatement. At 70* and breezy, behind a crisp blue sky and a slowly setting sun, we couldn't have ordered better weather (which was especially amazing, considering it stormed for 4 days prior). The ceremony was filled with love and laughter and my sniffling back tears (sniffling bridesmaids are the coolest accompaniment to any religious ceremony), and the reception was filled with sweet 80's dance moves, steak noshing, drink toasting and merriment.

Despite some timing issues, the wedding was fabulous. I'd definitely say the 2 weeks of cramming to get all the dishes washed, silver polished, linens ironed and crafty projects finished was all worth it. It was quite a show--even if it did go by in the blink of an eye. I swear, one minute I was getting my make up done, and the next thing I knew I was being poured into my parent's car.

So, good times were had. I would say the highlight of my night was dancing with my brothers and Mary to WHAM's "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go," which was a big hit with us when we were kids (we even have a tape of 13 year old Shayne trying to hit those George Michael notes. I need to find it and have it transferred to CD's for stocking stuffers). Other highlights include:

  • all you can eat steak
  • Neve getting her pinky finger caught in the port-a-potty door (not the highlight), and 5 guys pulling out illegal pocket knives to pry open the door (we would have been very prepared for a knife fight) (Neve's pinky is fine)
  • learning how to dance a 2 step and 3 step 
  • Grey carrying the rings on his custom made Ring Bearer Bionicle ("I can carry the rings on the wings, Aunt Audrey!")
  • the hilarious, clusterfuck of a rehearsal dinner, where most of us were about 45 minutes late because of a sporadic thunderstorm
  • me looking like a First Lady in my up-do and pearls (both of which I never wear)
  • Mary and I having a last single sister day on Friday, and the oddly sensual leg massage I got with my pedicure (so weird, yet so awesome. totally awkward)
  • me calling Lance a creepy weirdo dating site predator in my MOH speech (nailed it.)
  • Scott and my Uncle Stewart, the minister, cracking inappropriate jokes with each other
  • how crazy beautiful Mary looked
  • the awesome, awesome, awesome decor that I spent a year bitching and complaining about, but was really blown away once I saw the final effect
  • the fun 2 days of set up with family and family friends
  • how great it felt to be surrounded by all our family and friends, seeing everyone just having a fantastic time
my dad being all AMRRRKA YEAH!

the fantastic Amy Haynes, make up artist at large

yes, the bride and groom had bridal rubber duckies

Grey's Bionicle ring carrier, Neve not so sure how she feels about throwing the petals

typical Turner family shot: no one is paying attention

waiting to be announced

me killing it with my speech

trouble makers

Grey, the too adorable

dancing with the pimp cane

taking the garter off to "Business Time" by Flight of the Conchords

Mary had been planning this day baaaaasically since she and Lance's 2nd date. There's is a story of love at first sight. I hope that they grow together and love each other and have all the happiness they can cram in between sporting events :D

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