Sunday, October 14, 2012

Boardwalk Ashanti

Last Saturday, I went to my friend Ashanti's 1920's themed birthday party. It was my first 20's themed party, and I hope it's not my last. I got to see Krista and Candace (Ashanti's sister) and a bunch of my old favorite faces, dance the charleston, drink champagne, pour bourbon from a crystal decanter, and eat way too much delicious food in a super speakeasy atmosphere. The Cooper sisters know how to throw a quality shindig. 

Plus I got to hang out with a room full of Nucky Thompson's and Chalky White's, and Jimmy Darmody's, which I'm always, always, always down for. 

na'er do wells and riff-raff
Rob loves me.

Matt, Ashanti, Ryan and Krista

Jim and Darius, a private moment

Krista and Jim

more riff-raff

Champagne toasts to Ashanti

Matt the Janitor

"Moon shine is never a good idea" and other lessons I'll never learn

birthday girl!

What's the password, doll?

What a swingin' time.  And on that note, I'm gonna go catch up on Boardwalk Empire. 

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