Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Halloween

That's basically what's going on outside my bedroom window.

Late last night, we had "driving mist," and this morning, it turned into "Holy Jesus Lord, I'm Not Kidding, You Will Get Soaked To Your Underwear If You Run Out To Check The Mail" torrents of rain. And this afternoon, the tree falling winds started. So, our back yard is totally flooded, we're besieged with wet muddy bassets every couple of hours, it sounds like our house will cave in, we can't open the screen door without it blowing back on us, the lights flicker every 45 minutes, and I'm pretty sure I just now realized I forgot to roll up my driver's side window (whoops).

Among my first world casualties of Hurricane Sandy: my in-office work day, my hair appointment, my now postponed for its 4th week in a row catch up coffee with my friend Jon, and the hour long walk I promised the dogs. I'm pretty sure they're missing that the most, since I flaked on taking them out last night.

Ladies Basset are not amused by the blowing rain

But, on the plus side, I got to work from home, which meant making a plethora of phone calls while sitting in my grundgy pi's and drinking good coffee and watching Dexter. I wish I could work form home every day. I'm way more focused when I'm not directly supervised. Maybe I'm just used to working on my own. But really, I think I just like hanging around in my fat pants.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's exactly it.

Anyway. While working from home makes me miss daily fat pantsification and the oodles of free time, I do like being able to pay my bills. And maybe one day I'll be paying bills and padding my savings account. Or, re-padding it. Or, like, have one again. Sheew.

Anyway (2.0), Miss Thang Sandy was nice enough to give me a nice weekend before she made it rain all up in these parts. While my original plan was to truck down to my friend Kate's family's beautiful farm for a weekend of fall-type activities and a costume party and horses and dogs and friends, I ended up having to work til late on Friday, mostly all day Saturday, and parts of Sunday. But, all was not lost. I did get to go to my friend Sarah and Jeff's Halloween party with Scott and Cindy, where I previewed the only creative costume I've ever come up with: HBO.

flapper outfit: Boardwalk Empire. Fangs: True Blood. Shoulder dragons: Game of Thrones. Badge/holster/bottle of Jameson: The Wire (the holster also held a shiv made from a toothbrush (thanks, Cindy!): Oz. Baseball Bat: East Bound and Down/The Sopranos/Ken Burns. Big Ass High Heels: Sex and the City. Unnecessarily expensive phone, dejectedly bored expression, and needless leggings: Girls.

Coming from the girl who dressed as a slight variation of a witch for 16 years, and then as "Devil in a  Blue Dress" for 2 years, I was pretty impressed with myself. And it was fun to get "Oh SHIIIIIT THAT'S AWESOME" looks from people once I explained what I was. And I came in second in the costume contest. So yeah. *adds new achievement to resume*

Scott and Cindy went as Fry and Leela from Futurama:

Among many others, Cousin Eddie and Reagan, and Mia Wallace and Vincent Vega showed up:

And there was even a human centipede sighting: 

I even got one the ladies in costume, Nancy, as my 2nd place trophy:

I'm gonna go ahead and blame this picture on the prop Jameson I drank 
Clearly, it was a totally classy night. And I set my own personal record for wearing 5" heels for almost 2 hours before my feet nearly collapsed. COSTUME DEDICATION--I ALMOST HAVE IT.

Oh, did I mention I missed my life changing hair appointment? Basically, I need a big change. And really, I want to be Adele.

But it might be way too expensive. So we'll have to see.

And the lights have just flickered for 5 minutes straight, so I'm going to leave here and find some candles and vacuum before we go Amish.

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