Friday, October 12, 2012

What's new [kitty] cat?

whoa, oh whoa oh whoooaaaoooaaaa

Sorry, Tom Jones, but the "p" word is probably my most hated word in the entire universe of language. It conjures up an image of flabby, oozing, yeasty scabbed up meat curtains and ehhhghghhghhghghg *infinite disgust-induced shudders* Plus, the thought of this dude, this supposed wanton sex God of yesteryear, saying the P word makes me want to swear off men completely:

oh jesus lord no. No naturally occurring human looks like that ever.
Also--related--this is probably one of the more quietly suggestive album covers I've come across in a while. If I didn't know it was 60's pop rock, I would have assumed it was British porn.

Again, related, Dana Carvey has a bit about Tom Jones that made us *die* when we were 15 and watching it on Odie's scratchy VHS copy over and over again. I couldn't find an isolated clip, but here's the entire stand up show (LUCKY YOU! it's one of the best stand up routines I've seen and unfortunately wasn't released for sale), but the bit starts at the 4:00 minute mark, so just fast forward to there. It's worth it. (btw, yes, if I knew how to download and edit videos, this wouldn't be a problem, but I'm feeling lazy all the time this morning).

Ok, so this blog was supposed to be a HEY THIS IS WHAT I'VE BEEN UP TO! post but it accidentally divulged into Tom Jones.

Back to regularly scheduled programming.

My post Mary wedding weeks can be summed up thusly:

  • clean up: over four days, mom and I hand washed and put away almost 900 dishes (counting silver utensils). Mom did like, 14 loads of linens or something crazy
  • bladder infection. sinus infection. antibiotics reaction. missing so much work. oh my!
  • writing like it's my job--because it kinda is at the moment--working on a bunch of new stuff
  • Downton Abbey, Damages, and Boardwalk Empire. Good TV is taking over my life
  • finally reading Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Is as good as everyone says.
  • working, like it's my job. I'm helping my brother Shayne with his new business, working at my 9-5, and doing 2 other part time jobs on Tuesday. Gotta get dem bills paid, son.
  • Feelings, dealing with all of them, getting help
  • after work and house chores, am exhausted by 10 PM. How do people do all this with children?
  • discovered that if you cut all the corn off a freshly cooked corn on the cob, and mix it with a spoon full of deli style veggie cream cheese and a pinch of salt, it's fucking delicious. #whitetrash
  • my fur children are still really cute, even if Bill Purray has declared himself Bill Purray, Hater of All Cats Other Than Himself

  • worked out an upgrade and payment plan with Verizon and ordered a Samsung Galaxy S3. The excitement I feel in having a real working phone and camera again cannot be measured. No, I am not sad to admit that.
  • Project Runway: For once, everyone I predicted to be a finalist became a finalist. Also, for once, the judges were like "your collections were all so mediocre that we can't choose one of you to suck the least, so you're all going to Fashion Week." Which made me smug laugh.
  • these 2 songs, which have been playing on repeat in my head 467x a day

what's been plaguing your weeks?


Elizabeth Loevner said...

Just need to share that I mixed microwaved corn niblets, mayo, parmesan cheese from a shaker, chili powder and lime and called it "deconstruted elote." Totally white trash corn, but with a fancy name.

Also, Tom Jones' promoter paid women to throw room keys and panties at him (thank you NPR for that kinda gross knowledge).

Kim said...

That is some big talk from someone who was just as upset as I was when Sir Tom was sick and cancelled at Wolftrap!!

Yup, Billy Boy Purry is a cat-hater. Probably because the other cats DON"T wear a snazzy bell collar and he is concerned that they are secretly laughing at him. (They are..) STAND STRONG Bill Purry!!

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