Wednesday, October 10, 2012

why I'm a terrible person

Last night, I was really craving chicken pot pie.

I decided that to pre-heat the oven, go down into the freezer, remove a Marie Calendar chicken pot pie, put it into the oven, bake it, and then enjoy it and eat it forever would be too much work, so I drove to KFC. Where, apparently, they no longer sell pot pies.

womp womp.

So, I went to Chik-fil-A. Where they also don't serve chicken pot pies (what's the deal? my kingdom for a Boston Market.) There, I cut my losses and ordered chicken noodle soup and waffle fries. And after the kid at the drive-thru window handed me my food, I handed him my debit card. Which didn't work. And I didn't have any cash.

womp womp.

I apologized and handed back the food, but the drive-thru kid was all "no problem, take it and have a good night!" And I drove away, with my food, thinking, wow! that was awesome! Chik-fil-a isn't as bad as everyone says!

But then I reached in for a waffle fry, and realized that there was just soup, no fries. Which, when I realized I didn't have them, made me crave them even more.

womp womp.

so I'm all, Dear Chik-fil-a:

I don't care if you speak your mind and anger me.
You gave me free food when I needed it and that's pretty considerate.
But, you totally forgot my fries, so fuck you.

(for those of you thinking I'm above complaining about free goods and services: shame on you.)

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