Sunday, October 21, 2012

Ye Olde Renn Post

Have you been to a Renaissance Festival? Specifically, the Maryland Renaissance Festival? No? Then you're missing out. It's a medieval wonderland filled with street performers, artisan shops, jousting expositions, theater shows, mazes, slides, awesome food, elephant rides, and more corseted and pantalooned figures than you can shake a meat skewered stick at. 

I've only been a few times, but I this year's trip was especially memorable (and not just because I was wearing the coolest, most appropriate hat ever.) 

we ran into Bo and Daron! yay!

so much foods on sticks

macaroni and cheese on a stick

it was delicious

Mel and Phil and the Lady and the Tramp jumbo turkey leg maneuver

Sir Bo-Clops tries to cut a short cut through the maze


a little known fact about Mel's boyfriend Phil is that he used to be a King at Medieval Times. I make him recite his King's dialogue in his King's voice whenever I see him. It's impressive.

so super serious. for serious.

2 girls, 1 knight

Mary with Matt, her and Lance's metal-smith friend who made Lance's wedding ring

Mary's new favorite key chain
It's a blast and a half. Get thee to the Fair!

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