Monday, October 15, 2012

Ikea, I love you even when you fail.

I took a trip with mom to our mothership, Ikea, to help her find some organizational storage for her sewing room. While we didn't find any shelves, we did find a curious new holiday addition to the Swedish mecca's food court:

I'm pretty sure that translates into Creepy Uncle Santa Bad Touch Col-jah
Always one to try creepy looking foods and drinks, I was game. I was especially intrigued after the cashier told me it "basically tastes like a vodka and coke." So we got one.

And this is my reaction after the first sip:

And after the second sip:

It's basically coke that's been sitting in a hot car for a week, mixed with grape kool-aid and barley malts.

Not cool, Ikea. Not cool.

And then I came across a duvet cover that I instantly fell in love with:

A little side note about My Problem with Duvet Covers: I don't collect expensive shoes (that aren't boots), expensive lingerie, or expensive cosmetics--but I do love to buy bedding. I switch it out all the time, so I get my money's worth. Why should my bed be limited to one outfit forever?

Anyway. The bedding was beautiful, but they only had it in twin size. And it was discontinued. The only full/queen they had was on the display bed. So my mom went all Momma Bear on the textiles staff trying to get them to sell me the display cover, but they were all, oh no that's "against the law" because we can't sell bed linens that were on display because it's "not hygienic."


It's not like I couldn't wash and sanitize it. And, it's not like they don't sell the couch covers they use as displays. It's weird, I don't get it, but whatever, Ikea, don't look at me like I'm white trash, just because I demand to be sold a display duvet cover at 8:45 PM on a Monday night.

OK, that's totally white trash. #noshame

So, not to be defeated, I bought two twin size duvets and I will be sewing them into full size cover. And, since they were $9.99 each, I bought the awesome yellow covers, too.

I also found some poster size frames in the As-Is department for $9 each, so now I can finally frame my awesome vintage posters.

I love you Ikea. Even when you fail, you win.

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