Sunday, September 23, 2012

one week til Mary's wedding!

By this time next week, my sister will be married! But until then--it's time for pre-wedding crunch. And this crunch revolves around numbers.

# of cloth napkins I ironed: approx. 80

# of place cards I printed, corrected, re-printed, cut out, alphabetized and arranged: 170

# of trips I made to Michael's for craft supplies/obnoxiously huge canvas: 3

# hours I spent in line at Michael's because it's *always* busy no matter when I roll up?: infinity

# of obnoxiously large pieces of canvas I almost knocked down from the bulk storage shelf because I was too impatient to wait for a sales person to help me: 5

# of mini-collage table numbers I made: 20

# of hours sleep I had from Saturday morning til right now: 2

# of episodes of Damages I watched on Saturday night/Sunday morning: 10 (seriously, why aren't more people watching this show? it's fantastic)

# of cloth napkins I rolled with hankies and tied with ribbon: 175

# of wine labels I designed and printed: 56

# of times I accidentally/on purpose threw Bill Purray rolled up balls of tape and then laughed when he freaked because they stuck to him?: 4

# of instances of Bill Purray accidentally/on purpose shutting down my computer by jumping into my touch screen monitor to catch the cursor: 1

k, I'm ready to pass out forever now.


bunnymachine said...

Dang, girl. You are a wedding superhero. I hope all your hard work is appreciated and that you all have a great time at the wedding!!

Kim said...

Wasn't it a pretty wedding, tho??

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