Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bill Purray, dog-cat

Bill Purray doesn't realize he's a cat. He chases and snaps at the other cats in the house, curls up with the dogs, jumps up on me like a dog when I walk into my room, and plays fetch and tug-a-war. And he plays hard with his toys.

So after he decimated the 5th dangly-cat toy I got him, I decided it, f--it, I'm just buying him a dog toy.

Success! He drags it around with him everywhere, and sleeps with it at night. It absolutely reminds me of our old dog, Joey, with his toys.


Thank you, squeaky raccoon thingy. Bill Purray loves you.

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Jennifer Wyatt-Murphey said...

Opie doesn't know he's a cat either. When he was first old enough to come out he latched on to a dog bone and growled and wouldn't let it go! Although he does play and lay with Esme, the other cat, he does very dog like things and plays with the dogs too. (He continues to growl all the time!)

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