Wednesday, September 5, 2012

when bad days go good

I made the mistake yesterday of trying to sit down, be responsible, and make out my bill schedule for the month.

As Bill Purray slept on my feet and Landmass whined outside the gate I set up at my door, and I crunched numbers that were no longer there, I had that sudden, dreadful feeling of I may only have enough money for bills this month. As in, no extra funds. Not for new kitten shots. Or gas. Or extra's for Mary's bachelorette party. Or Netflix. womp womp. 

The plan was to keep my part time jobs until after the wedding, when retail stores would be hiring, and then I'd get a crap job until Australia, and then figure out what to do when I got back. But, thanks to my so awesome bill paying skillz last month when I accidentally made a $900 credit card payment, plus a semi-sudden increase in going out, it seems I have just about bled myself dry. (oh, and also, taking last week off. While it was much needed, it was a terrible financial choice.) But now it seemed that I'd need to get another job, like, tomorrow, because steady income is now mandatory. Which is terrible, because the Way-To-Quit-A-Well-Paying-Job karma has struck and no one is responding to my job queries.

So, I did what I always do when faced with a dire first world problem--I went for a nap. But I couldn't sleep. It was that "omg everything sucks so I'm going to try to not focus on everything that's sucking but everything sucks" thought train that you hope de-rails and never does and keeps your mind racing. Fun!

The only seeming light at the end of the tunnel was that my mom's boss was looking for someone for part time work, and I was on my way to meet up with her to talk about it.

and huzzah, she was looking for full time work! in marketing! and I got the job! and it's only 20 minutes away from the house! yay! It was literally like getting an adrenaline shot. 

 So, starting Monday, I re-join the semi-full time work world. This good for a million reasons, but mostly being able to live and pay off my credit card (which has been hit a little hard as of late--oops) and prepare for what comes after January.

I also had a really inspiring talk with my friend Jon about grad school. I'm really excited to start getting my shit together on that front.

OooOooOOooo... the future!

Also, unrelated: pictures of Beep being adorable.

smug kitten is smug.

He saw his reflection in the mirror, and arched and hissed at himself for a good 5 minutes. ohh, how special you are.


Not gonna lie, I had a bit of Rescuer's Remorse on Monday. But it's passed. And apart from the unholy abomination that is his poo, he remains an absolute delight. 

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