Thursday, September 6, 2012


Oh hey guys! My mom found a relic from the past!

ahh. I was born in 1984. And when I wasn't narking on my parents to Big Brother, (get it?) I was a tiny child enjoying things like She-Ra, Jem, Masters of the Universe, Rainbow Brite, Care Bears, Pound Puppies and motha'flippin' Popples.  

And to prepare for Mary's 80's theme bachelorette party (you heard it right), Mom un-Earthed Mary's old Popple toy (among all the Care Bears and Care Bear Cousins). Sheeeewww.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, if you ask my mom), all our VHS copies of The Popples have disappeared and I haven't seen an episode in about 24 years, but I'll never forget it:


And I do know that when I see this stuffed animal I feel like a 5 year old again. It's great.  

I carried this popple on my back pack all through high school
kinda creepy.
Bill Purray isn't too sure about this

aghhhhhhh HELP ME

Gonna go re-live my childhood, brb.

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