Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Persistence Pays Off (a very important entry about my new boots)

Today, I learned the lesson of persistence in the face of despair. 

On Saturday, I went out to run wedding errands with Mary. We found her guest book, and while we were shopping for Neve's flower girl shoes, I found the boots I have been looking for for the past 5 years: lace up, tall, flat heel, real leather, and they didn't look like they came from Hot Topic or Clothing Sales (where military people get their uniforms). They were beautiful. They were real leather. And since they were at Marshall's, they were only $40. 

Unfortunately, they weren't my size. And the next day, they weren't in my size at 3 other Marshall's. Apparently, this boot was only made in size 6.5, not size Ginormous. So I came home and searched online for them:


I googled and amazon'd and searched and searched:


It was looking bleak. But the want for these boots haunted me. For the past few days, I might have become became border line obsessed. I started pairing every outfit I already had to these boots that I clearly was unable to find. I spent a lot of time googling boots. I bought a MacBook Air that was on sale to try and take my mind off of them*. But it was no use. They just didn't exist.


I had to return something to my friend Daron tonight, and decided to check out the Marshall's near her. And surprise! The boxes claimed had two sizes: 7 and 10. I tried them both on. The 7 fit me like a 9. The 10 fit me like a 10. I double checked the sizes on the inside of the boot label, and *all* of them said  6.5. When I flipped the size 7 over, the sole had a size 8 sticker on it. And then one of the clerks told me all the boots had been mis-printed, which is why they were at Marshall's. After I kicked myself for not just trying them on at the 4 other stores and thus saving myself a lot of time and gas, I ran up to the counter and bought them. 

And now I'm sitting in my pi's, wearing my new favorite boots and sitting beside an open window and it's really chilly outside and there's a fall scented candle burning and I'm watching old episodes of Parks and Recreation. 

I declare this Wednesday night a success.   

behold, boots.

Tomorrow's Episode: Freezing my credit cards.

*this is true. I'm a convert. I'm in debt. But it was worth it. And since I'm freelancing, I can write it off on my taxes. And it was on sale. And when I was googling boots I got an email alerting me of the sale and then air books magically came up in the boot threads so it was totally destiny. And, #yolo 

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