Thursday, September 20, 2012

on the rocks!

I got this idea from my old friend Holly earlier this year when she posted about how well her family was managing their debt. Of course, at the time, I didn't do anything when I read it other than think "hey what a cool idea," and then went on to do something else like... probably buy something I didn't need.

But! Enough time has passed without me working full time, and in a quest to make myself feel better and try new things, I've tacked on some unfortunate revolving debt (such a nice way to phrase "sometimes necessary but ultimately terrible purchasing"). And so, I've decided to ice my credit cards. Because I've tried everything I can think of to curb my excessive spending and nothing so far has worked--not even the sweet satisfaction of paying off *everything* besides my student loans last year. I just can't control myself.

And so, the new rule around here is, if I can't pay for it with cash, then I don't need it. What a novel idea!

Thusly, my days of financial #yolo are done. But, hey... at least I had a fun summer.

2 credit cards, straight up.
to further keep myself from using. My god that man is terrifying. 

enjoy your icy coffin, Mr. Cage. You can't hurt me anymore.
Tune in tomorrow when I break up the credit card ice floe because I saw a purse or an iPad or something shiny and decided I needed it to live.

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