Saturday, September 15, 2012

awkward moments

Shayne pulls up Flo Rida's "whistle" on You Tube.

me: he's... oh my god, is he saying blow my whistle, girl?

Shayne: Yep.

me: And it's a Flo Rida song?

Shayne: You didn't know that?

me: I thought the chorus was wish you were here you were here, don't you know? And I pictured some whiney white dude singing it. I thought it was really sweet. 

Shayne: Nope. It's definitely Flo Rida. And it's definitely about fellatio. Which is also sweet.

me: Well, then. I guess that explains all the whistling. My mind is blown.

Shayne: So is Flo Rida. 

Ah, that moment when you feel like the oldest person in the room.

Flo Rida, Whistle Champion 2012

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