Tuesday, September 11, 2012

80's and Drag Queens and Booze, oh my!

Mary's bachelorette weekend was basically ridiculous.

We dressed up in 80's gear TO THE MAX and rocked out with our fake penis-tipped straws out to 80's cover band The Legwarmers in the glorious wonder land of Baltimore (my mom drove the passenger van full of us drunk wunder kids. she's a trooper). Mary might have danced with PeeWee Herman. And I might have drank so much Passenger Van Cocktail that I puked up a quarter pounder at 4 in the morning. And Liz might have passed out in the closet. It was fantastic.

I made us all t-shirts with 80's icons on the front, and a phrase associated with that icon, incorporated with each girl's name, on the back. For example, Mary had "Dirty Dancing" on her shirt. On the back, it said "Nobody Puts Mary in the Corner." I had Bob Ross ("paint a happy little audrey"), Jill had Hall & Oates ("private eyes, they're watching Jill"), Anita had Bon Jovi ("whoooa-ohh, Anita on a prayer!"), Mel had Jem ("Mel is my name, no one else is the same!") and Liz had She-ra ("Liz-Sharp, Princess of Power!"). I'm becoming slightly obsessed with making iron on shirts, not sure if you guys could tell or not.  

[Even if I did have an "OH GODDAMNIT I HATE MAKING SHIRTS" moment when I realized I had printed out all the back pieces backwards and on iron-on's meant for white fabric and had to run back to Michael's for 2 new shirts and new iron on paper and then had to run back home because I forgot my wallet and then back to Michael's and then back home to re-design and re-print the backs because of course I didn't save the images when I made them the first time because I always do everything perfectly and will never have to re-use a pattern and also I never learn my lessons and ended up running so far behind that I finished ironing and cutting all the shirts in the hotel. But hey, make it work!]

The next day, we nursed our hangovers with mimosa's, all you can eat buffets and trans-sexual entertainment at Perry's Drag Queen Brunch. So much awesome.

it might not look like it, but everything on this plate (even the scrapple) was delicious
If I could go to drag queen brunch every Sunday, my life would be 400% better.

Yay, bachelorette! I'm glad we could give you such a fantastic send off! :-)

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Nick B said...

"I always do everything perfectly and will never have to re-use a pattern"



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