Tuesday, July 24, 2012

SeBetJu: the past 7 days

Um, can someone tell me where the last 7 days went? I've been too busy hanging out with dogs, family, friends, the gym, fatty foods and Batman--and doing nothing responsible.

the closest Lobo got without Lucy trying to rip his face off

painting with Shayne Ross

listening to my parents hash the old days while going through old pictures.

Dad, the hipster
my cousin Daniel and his domino train
The Dark Knight Rises--which we survived, and in which I was surprisingly not disappointed
but that's probably because I'm in love with Joseph Gordon Levitt. Even if he did have the worst lines of dialogue in the entire movie.
but come on. How could you not love him?

announcing at a horse show on the coldest, wettest day of the summer. Basically I made $500 to eat hamburgers and call out names. And I rocked it. shewwwww.

rich girls
senor Dad
what's up, Harry Caray?!
first cherry berry cobbler, which I also rocked.
Lobo-Tron, the needy, who has been camped out beside my bed for most of the week

omg, dem eyes

Princess Landmass
ok, just one more of JGL. because he's in a vest. mmmHmm.
I hope everyone had an awesome sauce week!

1 comment:

Kim said...

You could do another whole blog about looking at pictures with your dad's LITTLE brothers...they shed a whole new perspective on things...

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