Monday, July 2, 2012

SeBetJu: Day 2

I was slow at getting things accomplished, but so far, Day 2 is a success.

And yes, success can be achieved by taking a nap and reading 2 gossip rags straight through (self betterment, guys!).

But perhaps the winningest moment of the day was driving around with Shayne and finding a random Pupuseria behind a strip mall, where we ate pupusa's until we were blind.

dough and cheese and meat and beans and curtido oh my!

Then we embarrassed ourselves when the waitress caught us dipping the fried corn cake things in what we thought was hot melted frosting. Turns out it was a thick breakfast drink. Whoops, white people!

Salvadorian food is so good. Even if it is confusing and the wait staff doesn't speak English. Nom.

also, everyone can stop looking--I found the cutest thing put on the internet:

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