Wednesday, July 11, 2012

SeBetJu: Day 11

Shit That's Rocking This Week So Far:

--this letter from my insurance company

yessssssss, FINALLY extended coverage for my problematic reproductive system!

--kick ass job interviews

--7 hour conversations

--this dress from Plasticland:

kinda need this to live

--estrogen explosion days with Daron

--sneaking 5 Guys burgers and mimosa's into the theater

--Magic Mike and Amazing Spider Man exploitation

--my future cats Bill Purry and Stringer Bell, and my future dog, Fassbender

--this gem I found among my grandmother's cook books:

will definitely be hosting a "Gay Twenties" dinner party

--the Inbetweeners, now on Insant Netflix:

This show is about 27 different levels of fantastic.
--Two finished essays and a re-vamped writing habit

--I've lost 4 lbs and look forward to menial, healthy tasks thanks to my semi-obsessive devotion to my Self Betterment Plan

what's rocking your week, guys?

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