Friday, July 13, 2012

SeBetJu: Day 12 [aka, Kreepin on Kubrick]

Today, I managed to make it through 4 Stanley Kubrick flicks while I was writing.

my copies of Full Metal Jacket and Barry Lyndon are missing. le sad.

It was pretty amazing*. And I got a lot of writing done, including some work on my novel, which was really unexpected.

Even my audience was enthralled:


Baby Stanley. I'd hit that.

*Now, most people (including nearly all my friends and family) would rather take an 8 hour exam on quantum physics than sit through an 8 hour mini-Kubrick fest, but to me, this was basically a perfect day: coffee, dogs, a pile of cinema, and my writing. (oh, and fat pants. but that's a given.)

I've been a Kubrick fan since I was 10 and my mom let my friends and me watch The Shining at my birthday party (we also had a taco bar. See, I've always been cool). Since then, I've seen almost all of his work (his early movies from the 50's were expensive and illusive before blu-ray), and with the exception of Eyes Wide Shut, I've just fallen more in love.

I love how I can't watch The Shining and 2001 if I'm alone in the house because they *actually* scare me more than any other movie. I love every single inch and frame of celluloid involved with A Clockwork Orange. I love how the movie of Lolita conveys an innocent love story without straying from the creepy source material. I love the terrible emotional knots I get in my stomach while watching Full Metal Jacket. And Dr. Strangelove still makes me die laughing. 

Mostly though, I love how each scene, each set prop, each character movement and each piece of music is so deliberate and precise, so concerned with pushing the story and bringing the audience to another world. They were done in a time when directors had to do more with less, and they're still stunning. I can't watch these movies without my heart swelling my goose bumps rising. 

yeah, I know. I have Kubrick issues.

Also, the guy looked really insane back in the 70's. That's just fun.

I probably should have put this on my Boring Blogs About Movies. Oh dear lord, I haven't updated that. Ever. I'm a terrible, terrible blogger.

Anywho, I also broke my legs at the gym today, but it was totally worth it. And now I'm going to try to get to sleep without images of 2001's star child haunting my dreams. *shudder*


Kim said...

Oh Yeah...Eyes Wide Shut SUCKED!!! I almost didn't get to see Barry Lyndon because prices had just gone up to - gasp - $4.00 a ticket!!! we had a huge fight, but we went because it was my birthday, and then baby Shayne fussed the whole time...Even with all that I still maintain that Eyes Wide Shut was worse!!!

Audrey Turner said...

Worth it! Seems like baby Shayne had a way of ruining all your Kubrick theater experiences.

Jennifer Wyatt-Murphey said...

I love Kubrick. I haven't seen all his movies though. I didn't love Eyes Wide Shut, but I still got the Kubrick can't stop watching this thing when I watched it. (maybe 3 times to hundreds for his other movies) I'm not sure I could take all that in one day though... It's like when I read Anne Rice, who is by far my favorite author, it's one book at a time. I have to take a break for trash to let my brain rest! Hahaha

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