Saturday, November 19, 2011

Nano: Day 18

words written: 1,098

total word count: 28,378 (over half way there!! which is good, considering this next week will wreak havoc on my word count)

length of work week: too long

intensity of work week: too intense

number of spider crickets I have straight up SLAUGHTERED this week: 6

best thing to happen today:
coming home and getting this card in the mail from my mom

Seriously, my mom is awesome :) I'm glad we share the same kind of humor. And the same fondness for western medicine.

Second best thing to happen today: eating terrifying potatoes

have you ever seen the smiley face McCain potato pancakes?

Crispy on the outside, mashed potato on the inside? In a seemingly bizarre shape? Hell yeah!

I've wanted to try them for years. And a few weeks ago, I was in a particularly saucy mood, so I bought them. I bought them, brought them home, and immediately threw them in the freezer and forgot about them. Until today.

Let me tell you.

They are a little really disturbing.

oh... oh mah gaw
Seeing all those tiny smiling faces that I was about to MURDER BY BAKING was quite unsettling. And there is something so creepy and haunting about this picture.To quote my friend Paul: "every face represents an individual pure soul"

which was really odd, because when I held my camera over the tato's, the face recognition software picked up on most, but not all of the little faces.

some of those souls weren't so pure

To futher quote my friend Paul, "If you put [that pic] on facebook, the recognition software will start recommending you tag them with random missing children." And then I thought of the best, most awesome new TV show ever: a woman who works in a grocery store, but can solve murders by seeing victims and clues in her food--except for dairy, because she's lactose intolerant. The only thing she sees in dairy foods is the ghost of her dead aunt who died mysteriously in a Dairy Related incident. It's the one case she can't solve. It's the one case that haunts her. It's the one case that drives her to become---THE FOOD GHOST WHISPERER .

I know, right? I'm calling up HBO ABC Family as soon as I'm done with this entry.

now, I know I've said before that I can't eat anything if I can see its face. However, I'm also a hypocrite.

Because these faces are delicious.

Especially when dipped in spicy barbeque sauce.



nerdymom said...

Mmm, BBQ faces, washed down with some box wine perhaps? Don't forget to stay classy.

Audrey said...

Ha, it's actually $3 wine from walmart. Stayin super classy up in here.

George Panagakos said...

If the heroine is always dressed in a nighty and in bed a surprising amount of time then I'd be down to watch the pilot, at the very least.

Honestly Audrey, if Whitney Cummings can produce two shows on TV at the same time then you ought to pitch something. Executives will be like Whitney Cummings? more like Whitney Goings! amirite? hahaha o.O

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