Friday, November 11, 2011

Nano: Day 11

time I started writing:11 AM

time I finished: 7:20 PM

words written: 7,298

feeling like a:

Perfect Moments Experienced: 2

Last night, my dad called to check in on how my writing is going. (guess my last few posts have been kinda dire. oops) But he told me there's a Garrison Keillor story about him taking a train ride from Canada to New York, and losing a manuscript in the train's bathroom, and everyone on the train was like "just re-write it. You are the one who wrote it in the first place." which made GK be  like "screw off." That made me feel better about things.

So this morning I made what might have been the best pot of coffee I've ever made, and I googled "Garrison Keillor lost manuscript on train" until I found what I assume to be the closest version I could of the short story. And it's really great.

Love Story-- Garrison Keillor

I'm beyond happy that a) my dad reads my blog and b) loves to quote and tell stories about movies and books. Because the story sent me into inspirado over-drive and I got so much work done today. And at the risk of sounding douchy, it took my mind off how side-tracked I think my life is right now. Odd, but I'll take reassurance where I can get it. ha

And I love Garrison Keillor, too. I first heard A Prairie Home Companion when I was in 4th grade on a long family trip to Gettysburg. I was 10 and a skinny little nerd and I fell in love with it. I love his voice and the way he breathes into the microphone. I like the vaudeville humor, the Swede jokes and the bitter sweet stories and that old white guy who makes all the sound effects and the way I get choked up when I hear Lover's Waltz, a song I didn't give a crap about when I was young and flighty, but now that I'm old and emotional it makes me smile all crazy like.

 Ahhh, such a great song. Totally reminds me of the Legends of the Fall soundtrack.

Basically, hearing Garrison Keillor or reading his stories is like getting a hug from my parents. And that's always fantastic.


I took Bart for a walk around 5:30, and it was basically dusk, which reminded me that Daylight Savings Time happened this week. Our whacky neighbor was burning something in her sewage drain (what it was, I don't know. I assume it was something illegal or dangerous, or a body, but it smelled like burning leaves, and since that's a more peaceful image, I'm gonna go with that), and the smell sent Bart into a tizzy. He time warped into a puppy, and jumped and ran through all the leaves, which were a perfect gold because the setting sun was hitting them just right.

It was really brisk. My face froze just slightly and my lungs filled with cold air, and everything felt perfect.

And then Bart peed on my shoe.


Oh, and since this entry is like, 2 steps away from being entirely too sappy, I'll let you know that an 8 hour writing streak has caused my brain to snap and this is what I've been wearing for most of the day, convinced that the tutu is fueling my creativity.

leg warmers and all.
I think I've been watching Black Swan too much.

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