Sunday, November 20, 2011

Nano: Day 19, The Pot Luck Thanksgiving

words written: 0

pounds of delicious food eaten at Nich and Krista's delicious Pot Luck Thanksgiving: about 700

good times had: about a million

our lubly hosts

my fantastic socks

Unfortunately, we got there about an hour late because I'm awesome and thought I could get to Charlotte in an hour and a half, but really it was two hours and we were already running like twenty minutes late (Audrey Time fail), so I forgot to take pictures of the MASSIVE FEAST in lieu of getting down on peppercorn grill shrimp and jam-topped brie and about 5 glasses of pre-dinner wine (classy)

I never want for tasty treats
But there was a huge, deep fried turkey, like, 500 pounds of cheesy mashed potatoes, yummy stuffing (did you know that in the South, stuffing is called dressing? weird), candied yams (which I tried for the first time, and they were AMAZING, how did I go this long being so weird about candied yams?) my famous Baltimore Style Green Bean Casserole, Indian potato pancakes (imagine all your favorite Indian spices pounded into a Yiddish Potato Pancake--and damn, it was fucking delicious. I must learn how to make them) and like 4 pies and jell-o. All in all, much delciousness was had by all.

food aftermath...

and pies!
including the first Key Lime Pie to steal my heart
Now that I think about it, I got turned on to two foods that I normally recoil from in horror when I'm offered them (yams, key lime pie). So I'd say it was a Banner Evening for Audrey. I guess I'm getting more adventurous as I get older. More daring. Maybe next year I'll start eating fruit.  


And Addie got to with me this time! He vowed to be the "creepy guy sitting in the corner, rubbing his belly and drinking a juice box all night"

but thankfully, he ran out of juice boxes on the drive up.  He was, instead, his normal sarcastic self.

And he got to meet and play with Boomer, aka He Who Shall Not Sit Still For Pictures

he and Addie were instant best friends. Addie tried to steal him. True story.
And after we left, still full on awesome Thanksgiving dinner, we made a pilgrimage for a take out order from Qdoba, because we are fatties and there is no Chipotle or Qdoba in Asheville and this was like Super Homecoming.

mm, steak burrito
and Fatties still, there was an emergency stop at Cook Out, just to see if they really did have 40 different flavors of milkshake. And they did. And we ordered some.

They were also excellent, if not so thick that it took 4 hours for them to thin out so we could drink them.

I fell asleep basically twenty minutes after we got home, and slept straight through to 11:30 this morning. Basically, I got 13 hours of sleep. So now I'm all prepared for the 7000 words I have to write today, to make up for yesterday, to get my count today, to catch up on my overall word count, and to make up for tomorrow, because I'll be working and driving 8 hours to NoVA all day tomorrow.

7000 words.

that's a shit ton of work. And this is how I feel about that:

 Time to get to the grind...

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