Sunday, November 13, 2011

Nano: Day 13

words written: 1671

number of bodice ripping period piece movies watched: 4 

mood: amazing


It's perfect. Right down to the "prosthetic" wang in his leather pants.

And it combines everything I love in life: The Doors, satire, Reading Rainbow, Indian in the Cupboard, electronic organs, handsome comedians...



George Panagakos said...

Fallon is so amazing. His impressions are dead on. Possibly better than even old Conan. Is that blasphemy?

Audrey said...

In this regard, no, because Fallon is a brilliant impressionist. But if you were saying Fallon was better than Conan, like in general, I'd have to kick you out of my life.

George Panagakos said...

rofl and I think I must have asked you about blasphemy twice now. :)

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