Sunday, September 11, 2011

First Day of Football, First Back Injury, First Re-Bound, etc

It's Sunday.

It's the Sunday that Addie's been waiting for all summer.

It's the first Sunday of Football!

He's glued to the TV right now, watching whatever games come on the limited channels we get (but we're getting SWEEEEET cable and internet on Thursday, including a DVR box for both our TV's. Hello 21st century living!), and during commercials, he's reading the paper for new fall TV and even more football. I swear, I've never seen him so sated.

happy Addie is happy
...that is, until he realized I was taking pictures of him

don't be fooled by the mid-flight pillow being aimed at me. He's giggling.
I don't get football. It reminds me of trench war fare, is way too involved, seemingly full of rapists, and is #3 behind golf and baseball on the list of World's Most Boring Sporting Events. But I do appreciate Game Day. I like going to football parties, and I like having a living room full of football fans on Thanksgiving Day. Real football fans are ridiculous, but in a good way. Get a group of them together and it's like listening to a small country debate its own politics. But Game Days are one of the few times where I don't get wrapped up in crowd mentality. Addie and I went to a Redskins game once with a bunch of his friends, and I spent more time concentrating on when I'd get my next jack-n-coke than I did the game.

But let's see.. this weekend has revolved around my shitty back injury, and taking pain killers so I can manage to walk around. I don't know what I did, but since Friday morning, it feels like my bottom two vertebrae are grinding against each other, and it's hurting right at the base of my spine and all along the top of my hips. It's probably caused by something like "your office chair isn't supporting you." or, "you're wearing the wrong shoes" or, "you should stretch before over-exerting yourself in racquet ball." My brother Josh, the hollistic healer, would say it's stress. Apparently you "hold on" to things in your lower back. Meh. But on the plus side, I felt gitty enough from the pain killers to establish that yes, my hair is long enough to put into pig tails.

I need to rent my 6-head out to billboard advertisements

Friday, I came home from work, and Dog was in the middle of an anxiety attack. The poor guy will just loose it sometimes when Addie leaves and I come home alone. So I took him for a walk, gave him some doggie xanex (which is a pig ear and a couple of beggin' strips), and about 20 minutes of back scratchies, but he was still all worry-pants. He sat at my feet barking while I was at my desk, so I moved to the bed for easier Dog access. And he was still all up in my face whining, and making getting any work done nearly impossible.

Needy Dog...

is Needy.

I was getting stressed out, so I gave up, resigned myself to an evening of hysterical dog sitting, turned on Eddie Izzard's Dressed to Kill, and waited for Addie to come home.

And then something magical happened! Dog finally fell asleep, lulled by the Executive Transvestite himself.

Then I wrote. I wrote and I wrote and I wrote and I finished the first draft of my new chapter one! HOORAY FANTASTIC! I even edited and wrote yesterday. And after I'm done with this blog, I'll
write some more. It's a good feeling to actually want to write. Let's see how long it lasts. har har.

And then there were some interesting things that happened involving science:

This was a cup of milk

I put it in the microwave for a 80 seconds, which I've done multiple times. However, this time it came out all separated and lumpy and gross. I tried again with a different measuring cup, for only 30 seconds, and it came out super clumpy. The sell by date on the milk was 9/10, and I guess I should have taken it more seriously. I blame 9/11.


I put this tray in the freezer and there was no jolt of water. And I find it hard to believe that our freezer is that cold. But pretty awesome, nonetheless.

The Moon, It's Exploding

Hooray for a lack of light pollution, so a full moon is basically as bright as the sun.
Local Color:

Addie told me he overheard this conversation at the gas station this morning:

Dude 1: Hey man what's up?
Dude 2: Aw not much man, I OD'd a few days ago.
Dude 1: That's crazy man.
Dude 2: Yeah whats up with you?
Dude 1: Stole a truck a few days ago so I'm layin' low.
Dude 2: Yeah man.

Addie: I was like, please just let me get my stuff out of here before I get shot
Me: Are we sure we aren't in Baltimore?

So here's to the end of a good weekend, and to a week of continued self-betterment. And maybe some truck theft. With addicts.

Omar comin' y'all.


Cara said...

How is your life so fun? #jealous

Audrey said...


George Panagakos said...

I forget if you watch Boardwalk Empire or not--I never watched The Wire--he's good 'ol Chalky to me. Tons of great actors in Boardwalk. Amazing show.

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