Friday, September 2, 2011

The First Day of the Rest of His 20's

Happy Birthday to you, Addie. You're in the final round of your 20's!

My roommate, lifemate, contemporary, editor, sponsor, moderator, killer of scary insects, baker of delicious chicken devan. You don't read this blog, but when you finally do, remember how awesome and full of love your birthday was. 

Now, let's go eat Chinese food, drink good whiskey, heckle the townspeople, watch ridiculous movies, take midnight walks, and laugh and loaf til dawn.

I mean, really. We've gotta catch up with Dog:

"Bart, you're partied out--again!"

Also, please, don't spend all your gift cards on candy. Or classy cheese on

Fancy Dog would not approve:

I do say.
Happy birthday, love! Here's to Not Celebrating your day of birth! xoxo

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