Monday, September 19, 2011

First Balls and Dogs and Futons

Hay blog, it's been a while. But I have various, valid reasons for my absence:

-I've been writing my balls off. I've got a solid handle on where my book is going, which is a sincere relief. 

get it? it's a BOOK. about BALL DISAPPEARANCE. 
- and knitting til I gave myself crippling arthritis

totally what my hands look like
But I finished my hooded scarf!

more on that later
-and apartment cleaning (like scrubbing the walls down with magic erasers) and couch fixin'.

I threw an upisde down quit on the futon to cover the gross stripes, and after a day or so, we both  discovered that we're growing partial to a teal colored couch (much, I'm sure, to my Mom's chagrin) But, as seen above, it's more blue, not green, in real life (or a camera flash)

 But I think what I really like most is the threading detail on the quilt. I'm pretty sure that if it was just straight up teal, I'd be bored.

big fan of simple details

And dog further approves

smug dog is smug.  
-and bowling

We finally tried out the bowling alley near our place. Now, we must have some real ghetto bowling alley's in Maryland and NoVa, because I'm used to like, charging up the lane and throwing my ball like THOR throwing his hammer.

Couldn't be done here. The bowling floor was super slick and waxed, the balls were all greased up, and the shoes had like, silk soles. I almost killed myself trying to bowl. So we resigned to bowling fail out of Concerns of General Safety, and I let Addie win a couple of games (I usually murder him in bowling).

did I mention we're Professional Bowlers?
The Victorious Bowler Pose

awkward bowling alley photos
 But, it was $30 bucks for 3 games, shoes, a bucket of beer, and food. That's way more affordable than it is anywhere else. And good times, too.
-Dog Spoiling

Addie was making tuna salad, and spilled the dish holding all the tuna juice (we can't drain tuna juice down the sink or else our place smells tuna-y for days). All I heard was "Aww damnit!" Then, there was something of a scramble. When I looked over to the kitchen, this was happening:


(^^we have a shelf that's 90% hot sauce. be jealous)

Addie: There was too much to clean up. And Dog likes tuna.

Future solution to all food cleanup: found.

(Don't be grossed out. He scrubbed the counter down after Dog was done.)

And last night Dog got a hold of an empty peanut butter jar, and spent 20 minutes trying to clean it out. It was funny, but also sad, because he'd get so frustrated trying to reach the bottom of the jar that every once and a while he'd stop and bark at it.

Hysterical. In that senselessly cruel kinda way.

-And sleeping

I looove sleeping.

So that's all the edge of your seat excitement that's been ahappenin'.

I really want to go see Driven. And Contagion. And The Lion King: 3D.

I think more, though, that I'd really like to be able to afford to go see three movies in one month. sigh. But I did find out that my credit score is in the 700's, so that's pretty much unbelievable. And awesome. Hooray adulthood.

And I'll leave you with this:
this is the google image I got for "sans-testiclees"

Off to at least half a day of productivity!

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