Sunday, September 25, 2011

First Chapter (again!)

So with the exception of Thursday (when I slept all evening and night), I have written every day, without fail, for the past 9 days. And I've officially stamped DONE on the first two chapters of my new/not so new story. I feel productive and fantastic. Also, like the biggest slug in the world because I haven't left the house unless for work. But its all in the name of the book, so that's a good thing.

Dog is my biggest cheer leader


That's primarily why I've been distant on the blog, because when I'm not huddled over my computer at my desk, I'm huddled over my net book on the couch. And when I'm not doing that, I'm sleeping. Or walking the dog. Or eating something really gross and terrible for me.

What's decidedly less awesome is that I'm working at a flippin' snail's pace, because everything in the world distracts me. Will work on remedying that this week.

But we did manage to get out of the house this weekend, to see Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Which was exhilarating.
Whether you like it or Not!

But you can read more about that here on the PREMIERE OF MY NEW BLOG! Boring Blogs About Movies

I also learned some lessons in the past few days. 

For example;

--Did you know that rice expands when you cook it? And that if you make 2 cups of rice, you'll actually end up with 4 cups of rice? I wish I did before I made 4 cups of rice, thinking "that might be enough for us."

um, also if you don't let it steam long enough, it comes out wet and clumpy. DELICIOUS.
--That if you scratch hard enough in  your sleep, you can leave finger nail shaped trails of broken blood vessels down your arms? I woke up digging these beauties in to my massive bicep.

that's my arm, not my leg.
 It's only a little terrifying.

--That it doesn't matter how often you sweep. If you have a Dog whose winter coat is growing in fast because of a cold snap, your wood laminate flooring will have a permanent coat of dog hair.

--That a 3lb cookbook is way better for killing insects than it is for supplying me with delicious, informed and clearly defined recipes (please refer to earlier Rice Disaster)

So yes! Exciting weekend coming up. I paid my speeding ticket this week and it was way less than they told me it was going to be, meaning I have extra money. So I made a spur of the moment decision and I'm going up to Maryland for Oktoberfest on Saturday, and Daron's Renn Fest B-day on Sunday. I'm psyched. Thank god for 4-day weekends, every weekend. (although I won't be saying that on the next pay day)

But yeah. Now it's time for a congratulatory glass of wine, and house cleaning. Whaaaaatup!


Mandy said...

Oh, the never-ending dog hair! Word of advice? Vacuums are way better than brooms. Get yourself a decent one (or use it if you already have one). Easier and you won't feel like you're just pushing hair around.

Audrey said...

I need a good vacuum. Addie's is a relic and a bit of a clunker, so it mostly pushes or scatters the hair around and I end up sweeping anyway. My kingdom for a Dyson!

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