Thursday, September 1, 2011

First Day of September!

First Day of September, haaaaay.

It wasn't ridiculously hot today, and since I've been able to do Wii Jogging for 12 minutes without getting winded, I decided it'd be a good idea to actually go jogging. Like, real jogging. Outside. Jogging. In nature. Like, actually running, not walking. Jogging outside. In sneakers and such. With my iPod in my little case that wraps around my arm.

Yeah. I made it a half mile before I wanted to throw up. And already it's difficult to move my legs without falling over. But, between my swollen lungs, my burning throat, my racing heart beat, my soaring blood pressure, and the rapidly degenerating cartilage in my knees (jogging is really bad for you), something felt right. Dare I say it, it felt awesome. And when I rounded the street corner for home, the 7% of me that wasn't dying a painful, dehydrated death was really having a good time. It was an odd combination of being out of the house (without going to work), doing something good for myself, and listening to music (well, the 3 songs that played during my half mile excursion) that was just fantastic. Will definitely jog again.

random thought: 80% of the music on my iPod is from Addie and ex-boyfriends. I should really get out more.

Addie got his first paycheck today, so we splurged a little bit at Blockbuster's 5 for $20 sale. And he told me when he gets his new PS3, I get his old one! Yay! My vurrry own blu-ray. And PS3 store. I just won't be able to play video game discs (it freezes with games, but not blu-rays and DVDs. I don't get it, but it's ok.) which is no big loss, since my limited hand/eye coordination prevents me from playing anything more advanced than a Super Nintendo. /champion

Random commentary: Farrah from Teen Mom is such a c-you-next-tuesday. I'm not surprised her mom punched her in the face.

So the new "you posted this status on this day in 2009" thing on Facebook is pretty cool, but it's also really awful. I spent most of 2009 in a storm of Excellent Life Decisions--basically a prolonged nervous breakdown. It's like, aww thanks, Facebook, for that vivid reminder of posting something happy when really I was sobbing on the deck of the apartment while reading Twilight: Eclipse because it was the only thing that kept my mind occupied. oh god I really shouldn't admit that in public. 


Random interjection: Here's a picture of an awesome t-shirt I found a few years ago (and that I should have bought):

wasssup Marc Summers?!

 Here's to an awesome fall that starts off with a half-day tomorrow and a day off on Monday!


Mandy said...

OMG I just wanted to choke Farrah on that last episode! Why is she so spoiled and so stupid? Way to give Amber a run for her money on the "most loathsome human being alive" award, Farrah.

Audrey said...

hahaha! True words. I couldn't have said it better myself.

Mandy said...

It really annoys me, too, that those girls are now profiting off of their terrible decisions. Except for Tyler and Catelynn, because I love them now.

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