Tuesday, May 8, 2012


"You are only 27. If I find out all you're doing is sitting in your basement turning into Emily Dickinson, just writing about death and shit, I will kill you."

Well put, Natacha.

Sorry for the whacked out post yesterday. It's been a rough couple of months.

HOWEVER. I resolve to turn things around. I have a plan.

But first, some good news: 

a) last night, seriously on a whim, I submitted an essay to thoughtcatalog.com. Literally, as I hit "submit," I realized I had sent in the wrong draft. After a stream of obscenities that chased Lucy out of the room, I decided to call it a night before I further raped my online presence. I made a note on my progress board to send it in again in 2 months, per the website's failed submission recommendation, and went to bed.


At 7 AM I got an email from one of the editor's saying she accepted the piece, and it'll be posted on or before Mother's Day. A submission to one of my favorite heavy volume contributor's website and a positive response within 7 hours? SHIT YEAH.

What a fantastic way to wake up. I was so happy, I even showered before I donned sweat pants and went to work and actually showed up on time and really worked.

2. I did a little job hunting today and got positive responses back to everything I applied for, including a writing gig. Neat!


Productive days of victory are basically uplifting.

After all, we all deserve victory. Right, Winston?


 also, llama:

Hopefully, this is a prelude of things to come.

1 comment:

Kim said...

I can't decide which llama I like better - batllama ot the llaminator??
and YAY for lifes victories!!

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