Friday, May 18, 2012

back to the grind

I got a job! An actual salary paying, 401K contributing, health benefit assigning, big kid job.

Starting Tuesday, I'll be the in-house writer/executive assistant for a small company in Old Town Alexandria. Somehow I was able to convince them that I was beyond awesome despite my relative lack of experience, which is amazing considering I really suck at selling myself.

So, gone are the days of slacking off around the house until I feel like going into work, leaving the house un-showered and in my sweatpants. Gone are the days of staying up til 3 AM working on revisions (who am I kidding I'll never grow out of that). I'll be back to the commuting grind, back to the really working for 8 hours a day grind, back to the cherishing my weekends like they're an endangered species grind. And while I'm nervous as hell to start, I'm looking forward to the opportunities this job will bring about.

Also, that paycheck is going to be really sweet, and being able to pay off my credit card in 2 months will be so baller.

I would have killed for this opportunity in 2008 when I was looking for my first post-graduate job. But now that I'm older and have fully developed my itchy feet and wander lust, I feel like I'm in a precarious position. I'm fielding the inevitable questions like, where do I go from here? Will this be a career? Would I even want this as a career? Do I want to move to Alexandria? Do I want to put roots down in NoVa?

This is an absolute first world problem, and I noted it on facebook that feeling wishy washy about an excellent, well paying, creative job in this economy is like eating a steak in front of a starving child, but I can't help but whine. I need to stop being a douche about this. I need to get over my fear of potentially failing and accept the fact that I found a great opportunity, went for it thinking I wouldn't have a shot in hell, and got it. Now I just have to prove myself. And the money I earn and the experience I gain will help me do the things I want to do later in my life.

Right? Right.

We'll see how I feel in two weeks.


Robert said...

So proud of you!!

Aside from all the awesomeness this is going to bring into your life, if you move there you will also be like, 30 minutes away from me. JUST SAYING.

Ellen said...

Even if it turns into a career, it doesn't have to be the only one you ever have! (Says she who picked her career when she was an idiotic child who knew nothing about health insurance and IRAs.)

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