Monday, May 14, 2012


Mary and I planned a High Tea for Mom's surprise Mother's Day present a few weeks ago, and I'm pretty pleased that we pulled it off.

Mary, with her fiance Lance's help on the grill, put together 7 different types of tiny delicious tea sandwiches:

-tomato caprese
-olive provolone 
-roast beef/horseradish/cucomber
-Bacon/Baby Spinach/Tomato
-california chicken with avocado
-roasted veggies with goat cheese or tomato pesto 
-steak au pauvre with avocado

and I made a batch of raspberry crunch bars (straight up from the box [it's been a long weekend] but still delicious thank you, Krusteaz), 3 types of tea, and peach/mango orange juice mimosas, and we brunched and ate until we had a lovely dose of food coma. Mom was really excited, which made the 3 hours of prep time (not kidding) worth it.

I basically gained 10 lbs in tea sandwiches today, and as predicted, our Homemade High Tea cost less than the crappy High Tea and we had, and it was about 450% more fun. Plus, like, left overs. I'm eating tea sandwiches right now. Super bonus.

Then we went to see Dark Shadows, which was absolutely, much much better than I expected it to be.

Happy Mother's day to all you baby mama's out there!

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Kim said...

It was even lovelier than I remembered!! Thank you guys again!!

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