Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Proud Moments

[me, getting to work 30 mins later than I said I would]

my boss: Hey there, I was wondering if you had overslept again.

me: yep!

my boss: haha, I figured. You stayed up late getting some writing done, didn't you?

me: um... no, I stayed up watching the back to back episodes of 16 & Pregnant.

my boss: oh...

[awkward pause]

me: there's nothing responsible going on with my life, Kim.

my boss: I'll say.

Then we spent most of the morning reading Married to the Sea comics.


I love my old boss. He's known me since I was 21 and he still has this unflappable optimism that I'll one day be a grown up.

I have my second interview tomorrow for a *real* job, as in, not one where I basically get paid to come in late, leave early, and do some light filing in between. /sigh
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