Monday, May 21, 2012

shewwww, boy

My dad's dad, Pop, was a good ol' mid-western boy and would say things like "gahhh-lee!" and "shewww, boy!" whenever something was really awesome or just too good to believe. And man, today  was totally shewwww, boy-tastic.

I planned for today to be my last day off before starting my new full time commute. So I relished sitting on the couch, alternately watching Game of Thrones and reading, drinking coffee and petting the dogs.  I puttered around and ran a few errands, trying to put off the inevitable pre-first-day at work stress induced freak out for which I'm famous.

However. By 8:30 tonight, I was at the peak of my pre-first-day at work freak out, including what will I bring for lunch, forgetting to put gas in my car, and stressing over the laundry I haven't done in the past few weeks, and how I didn't have any clean professional clothes to wear tomorrow, when my new boss calls.

"Hi Audrey! I know we were supposed to start this week, but I'll be traveling, and then we have Friday and Monday off for memorial day. So how about we start next week, and I'll just pay you for this week regardless?"

Shewwww, boy!

There's nothing like getting an expected day--or 5 days--off. Oh, paid days off.

I'm excited. Maybe I'll bake something. 

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