Monday, December 12, 2011

First North Carolina Football Game

Yesterday, we had our Company Christmas party in Charlotte at the Panthers Vs. Falcons game.

I don't know anything about football, nor do I care about football. In fact, my dislike for football has been well documented. But the offer of a free catered tail gate party and killer seats was enough to get me excited.


I learned the hard way that a free catered tail gate party and killer seats does not change the fact that an an outdoor football game in mid-December is an outdoor football game in mid-December. Our tent, and our seats, were completely out of the sun, and it was FREEZING. Like, toes freezing to your socks cold.

Eventually, we all abandoned the tent (foraging back only for drink refills and hamburgers and shrimp skewers) in favor of the sun and the propane heater. Speaking of which--I held my gloved hand close to the heater part and almost caught my glove on fire. It was literally starting to smoke. Thank God there were responsible Adults around to babysit me. But yeah. We were standing around the heater, bull shitting and drinking wine and having a good time. It took me back to the days of gathering around tiny space heaters at winter horse shows.

We couldn't take any of the very expensive booze package into the stadium (rip off), so by the time we found our seats, and I got semi-warm and still, I fell asleep. For two and a half periods. And then the Panthers lost. Aw well.

So to sum it up: Good food, Good company, Crappy weather, Crappy sport.

to the left, you can see a game of Corn Hole. Lots-o-fun.
Some of the tasty food
me (freezing) with our Social Media Guru (also freezing)


my team spirit (also, my ginormous ass)

Desperately Seeking Heating
Addie the Shrimp Devourer

the view from our seats (note the intense shadow we were sitting in)

an exuberant fan who spent most of her time blocking our view
And for once, I wasn't the drunkest person at the party. Not even close. So yes. Good for me!

Also, I put up a little bit of Christmas in our cellar: the countdown to Christmas calendar that my family has had so long, I can't remember a Christmas without it.

It's fitting that it's the only decoration I have up right now, since it's the only Christmas decoration I've ever cared about. My mom forced me to take it home, even though I was adamant that she keep it so Grey and Neve could enjoy it. But, I'm glad she won that fight, because I really do love looking at it.

It's felt pieces glued onto burlap. I love it so.
it's fun :) and speaking of fun, yesterday my mom caught this fantastic picture of Lucy:

Mom said Lucy was staring at herself for a long time. She's adorable.

Also also, I can't stop watching this video:

And I need this on  t-shirt

Aaaaaaaaand that about does it for this randomy post. Cheers!

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George Panagakos said...

Those are pretty good seats. But yeah, that's why I'm a basketball sportswriter, indoors! Hahaha.

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